Holiday CounterAttack roadchecks on now Courtesy of ICBC

TMTVNEWS.COM – While attitudes toward drinking and driving have changed considerably over the years, 86 lives are still lost every year in B.C., representing more than a quarter of all car crash fatalities.*

That’s why the B.C. government, police and ICBC are urging drivers to plan ahead and make smart decisions to get home safely this holiday season. Since the beginning of December, CounterAttack roadchecks have been set up by police throughout the province to keep impaired drivers off our roads.

ICBC is helping to prevent impaired driving this December with an education campaign, funding for CounterAttack roadchecks and promotion of designated drivers with businesses, sports facilities and community groups.

It’s also the 20th year that ICBC has supported Operation Red Nose, a volunteer service in 25 B.C. communities that provides safe rides to drivers who have been drinking or feel too tired to drive during the holidays. This service will be available on New Year’s Eve.

Get more stats and facts from ICBC’s infographic and learn more about the CounterAttack campaign on


  • During the month of December, an average of four people are killed in impaired-related crashes every year in B.C.
  • On average, 23 people are killed in crashes involving impaired driving in the Lower Mainland every year.
  • On average, 29 people are killed in crashes involving impaired driving in the Southern Interior every year.
  • On average, 13 people are killed in crashes involving impaired driving on Vancouver Island every year.
  • On average, 22 people are killed in crashes involving impaired driving in North Central B.C. every year.

* Based on five-year average. Crashes and injured victims from ICBC data (2009 to 2013); fatal victims from police data (2009 to 2013). Impaired is defined to include alcohol, illicit drugs and medicines.

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