Nelson Search & Rescue crews keep busy during the holidays

Mt Thompson Rescue / Humming Bird Pass Rescue
TMTV File Photo - Nelson Search and Rescue
TMTV File Photo – Nelson Search and Rescue

TMTVNEWS.COM, Nelson BC – On Dec 26th Nelson Search and Rescue (NSAR) was called out for two overdue skiers in the humming Bird Pass area south of Nelson BC once again.

Subjects were reported overdue after he failed to a meet partner for dinner. Upon some investigating the subject was last seen at the Humming Bird Pass area with a known companion.

The 2 were seen going up the pass in early afternoon. Seven members of NSAR were available to respond. South Columbia was also called out to assist Nelson in the search.

Again after a week members were out all night looking in the 5 mile drainage where most subjects are found. The team travelled all night not finding the subjects in the typical location and returned in the early am. On the return trip it seems our members were beat to the parking lot by the subjects. They were on the whales back area and were hunkered down for the night. It seemed they had equipment troubles and boot packed down in the early am tired and cold. Our team met them at the parking lot at the same time of their return to base. A good outcome once again.

Nelson Search and Rescue assists Creston Search and Rescue for missing Snowboarder

Location, Creston BC Dec 27th Nelson SAR was called out for mutual aid assistance to Creston SAR who was responding to a 911 call from a lost snowboarder on Mt Thompson, east of Creston. The snowboarder was dropped by a friend with a snow machine at the height of land on Mt Thompson. The male snowboarder proceeded off the ridge in a direction he thought would lead him to a road. He was alone and un-equipped for the backcountry. The male became lost but was able to call for help by cell phone.

NSAR responded with 5 members and a UTV, arrived at Creston SAR Base along with members from South Columbia SAR. At that time we were informed that an RCMP Dog Handler from Cranbrook had proceeded to follow the subject’s tracks on skis with his search dog and had reached the subject but the two needed assistance to make their way out. 3 NSAR members followed the tracks down and met up with the subject and RCMP member in steep, dense trees. A track was set up to an old logging road that was accessible by snowmobile and the team was able to lead the pair out after several hours.

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