Historic boxcar to find new home in Revelstoke Railway Museum

TMTVNEWS.COM, KELOWNA, B.C. CANADA — A boxcar thought to be the last of its kind will soon be moved from Kelowna to the Revelstoke Railway Museum.

The Kelowna organization, which runs four local museums, acquired the Canadian Pacific Railway refrigerated boxcar — known as a “reefer” — in 1987, but for a variety of reasons never put it on display.

Rusty and covered in graffiti, the boxcar has sat neglected in north Kelowna’s industrial district where it has been vandalized over the years.

The boxcar could be transported to Revelstoke, 200 kilometres away, by flatbed truck as early as Thursday.

The Kelowna Railway group has decided to give it to the Revelstoke museum, which has the expertise to restore it and put it on display.

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