E-Comm’s 2015 top-ten list of reasons to not call 9-1-1

TMTVNEWS.COM, Vancouver, B.C.—To help raise awareness about the impact on emergency services, E-Comm has released a list of the top calls that shouldn’t have been placed to 9-1-1 in 2015. 


“We want to remind people about what’s at risk when 9-1-1 is used as an information line or for other reasons that do not meet the test of a true emergency: A police, fire or medical situation that requires immediate action because someone’s health, safety, or property is in jeopardy or a crime is in progress,” explains Jody Robertson, E-Comm’s director of corporate communications.

Almost 3,400 9-1-1 calls flow through E-Comm every day. Robertson says while the majority of people use 9-1-1 responsibly, calls like the ones on this year’s top ten list waste valuable emergency resources by tying up 9-1-1 call-takers’ time.

This year’s top reason not to call 9-1-1? Requesting the number for a local tire dealership.

“My job is to treat every call as an emergency, no matter how illogical it may seem on the surface,” says E-Comm 9-1-1 call-taker Harrison Kwan, recipient of this year’s top nuisance call. “We are trained to ask questions in case a caller is in distress and can’t speak freely. It’s only when I’m completely satisfied that the call is not a real emergency that I can disconnect and go back to answering other 9-1-1 calls. And that takes time.”

2015 top reasons to not call 9-1-1:
1. Requesting the number for a local tire dealership
2. Reporting an issue with a vending machine
3. Asking for the non-emergency line
4. Because a car is parked too close to theirs
5. “My son won’t put his seatbelt on”
6. Coffee shop is refusing to refill coffee
7. Asking if it’s okay to park on the street
8. “My roommate used my toothbrush”
9. Asking for help getting a basketball out of a tree
10. Reporting that their building’s air system is too loud and they can’t sleep

“We hope that our message that 9-1-1 call-takers can’t answer questions or manage non-emergency situations on 9-1-1 lifelines will encourage people to learn more about 9-1-1,” adds Robertson. “There’s lots of information on our web site—ecomm911.ca—about when to use 9-1-1 and when to use non-emergency numbers for police, fire and ambulance, along with easy access to those numbers and free education materials available for order, including learning tools for children.”

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19-year-old woman dies in crash east of Golden

A 19-year-old woman died in a crash east of Golden Monday.

Few details are available at this time but there are reports the woman is from Alberta.

The car she was driving collided with another car on Highway 1 at about 1 p.m.

There are no reports of any other injuries.

Several crashes have been reported in the Kootenays, with at least eight in the Cranbrook area alone.

RCMP are asking drivers to stay off the roads until weather conditions improve.

Both the Trans Canada and the Okanagan Connector were shut down on Monday due to accidents.

Source: Global BC

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Two young children apprehended by Social Services Christmas Eve

Local RCMP & Business goes above and beyond to help get gifts for the children.

Trail RCMP detachment photo
Trail RCMP detachment photo

TMTVNEWS.COM, Trail BC Canada – (RCMP) On Christmas Eve, members of the Trail Detachment were dispatched to check on the well being of two young girls aged five and nine. The situation lead to the children being apprehended by a social worker and taken to foster care about 10 pm.

Realizing that the children would have no presents for Christmas, two police officers tried to find a store that was open then checked their own homes to try and find suitable gifts. Unable to find anything to place under the Christmas tree, Cst. Elwwod and Cst. Flewelling contacted Craig Lattanville, owner of the Trail Canadian Tire Store to see if he could help. Mr. Lattanville  immediately attended the store and opened it up to allow the police officers to do some last minute shopping for the children.

Canadian Tire store in Trail BC
Canadian Tire store in Trail BC

With arms full of presents the officers rushed back to the foster home so the foster mother could wrap the presents for the morning. When the officers returned to Canadian Tire the next day to pay for the shopping spree, Mr. Lattanville would not let them pay and said they were happy to help. The Trail Detachment would like to give a big thank you to these two officers and Craig Lattanville who went above and beyond to ensure that Santa came for two small children.

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Nelson Fire Rescue keeps car from sliding into pond

TMTVNEWS.COM, Nelson BC Canada – (Nelson Fire Rescue) At 2240 hours the Nelson Fire Rescue Services responded to a report of a vehicle over the bank just above Grohman Narrows pond. Both on duty members responded immediately with one additional member responding from home.

"the vehicle was sitting precariously in the loose rocks above the pond" - Nelson Fire Rescue
“the vehicle was sitting precariously in the loose rocks above the pond” – Nelson Fire Rescue

When the first crew arrived the lone occupant was still in the vehicle and the vehicle was sitting precariously in the loose rocks above the pond. The first arriving crew’s primary objective was to secure the vehicle to prevent it from rolling over or sliding further down the bank. This was accomplished by securing the vehicle with ropes and a come-along. Once the vehicle was secured a ladder was placed to allow the uninjured occupant to climb back up the bank to the roadway.

Nelson Fire Rescue responded to the incident with one fire engine and the two on duty members. The cause of the accident is being investigated by the RCMP.

Nelson Fire Rescue Services would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to have a fire safe holiday season.

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Your best shots of the super-rare Christmas Full Moon

Children young and old had more than one reason to be up early this Christmas Day.

Full moon over Proctor and Harrop BC taken from Longbeach
TMTV Photo – Full moon over Proctor and Harrop BC taken from Longbeach

Aside from the usual haul from Santa, shutterbugs and skywatchers had a rare treat overnight: A Christmas Full Moon, one of several amazing spectacles to look out for this winter.

If you missed it, you’re a little out of luck: It’s so rare, it hadn’t been seen since 1977, and not again until 2034.

TMTV Photo - Christmas day full moon 2015 taken from Longbeach north of Nelson BC
TMTV Photo – Christmas day full moon 2015 taken from Longbeach north of Nelson BC

So here’s the next best thing: A trove of amazing moon shots sent in by Weather Network viewers. Enjoy!


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Snow for Sunday


TMTVNEWS.COM, Snow beginning overnight Sunday.

A pacific frontal system is moving into the southeast interior and will bring snow to the valley bottoms and highway passes Sunday. Currently no Alerts or Warnings in effect but driving could be tricky come Sunday for holiday travellers. Plan ahead before heading out onto the highways.

Weather and travel updates will be provided as necessary.

For more Weather and Travel information for southeast BC check TMTVNEWS.COM Weather and Travel information.

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Ski resort leery of friendship between minister and prominent critic

VANCOUVER – Backers of a proposed ski resort say the decision by British Columbia’s environment minister to stymie the project was inappropriately affected by her friendship with one of the project’s most prominent critics.

Jumbo Glacier Resort has filed documents in B.C. Supreme Court highlighting Environment Minister Mary Polak’s personal relationship with Ktunaxa Nation chair Katherine Tenesse, a long-time opponent of the project.

They allege this impacted her decision not to renew a lapsed environmental assessment certificate for the controversial proponent.

The billion-dollar resort proposed for southeastern B.C. has been decades in the making and sparked fierce opposition from locals, First Nations and environmental groups.

Polak decided in June not to renew Jumbo’s certificate because she found the project hadn’t been substantially started within five years of the environmental approval being granted, as is required by law.

READ MORE: B.C. pulls environment approval for Jumbo Glacier Resort

But Jumbo’s submission appealing the minister’s decision blames the government for delays in construction, saying the province dragged its feet in granting a development agreement.

A spokesman for the Environment Ministry declined comment, saying it would be inappropriate to do so while the matter is before the courts.

Jumbo glacier_resort (

(Artist rendering of Jumbo Resort’s buildings)

The year-round ski resort project would be located about 55 kilometres west of Invermere and is designed to span just over one square kilometre and boast a hotel with 6,250 beds.


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Rare Christmas Full Moon visible across Canada

On the morning of Friday, December 25, 2015, people all across Canada will be witness to an event that hasn’t been seen since 1977 – a Christmas Day Full Moon.


From the forecast for who will see snow for Christmas, the country is somewhat divided, but provided there are clear skies, nearly everyone across Canada will be able to see a Christmas Day Full Moon – something that hasn’t graced our skies since the very first Star Wars movie was in theatres for the first time, and won’t be seen again until the year 2034.

What will our skies look like on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning?


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Problem deer in East Kootenay will be moved, instead of killed

Wildlife workers are forgoing the deer cull and trying to relocate mule deer instead

CBC – Kootenay B.C. communities are trying an alternative to the usual winter deer cull this year, relocating problem urban deer deeper in the the woods in the hope they will turn wild again.

The $100,000 initiative is being piloted in Cranbrook, Kimberley, Invermere and Elkford — four towns plagued by mule deer overpopulation.



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