Search and Rescue teams rescue man from the cliffs at the Paulson Bridge

A man was Rescued from the cliffs at the Paulson Bridge near Christina Lake BC Monday night after he got stuck after a climbing attempt on the rock face below the bridge.

Photo: Waymarks

Teamwork Media TV Inc. (SAR release) – At 9:15 Monday night, SAR was dispatched to a report of a 50yr old male stuck on a cliff below the Paulson Bridge. Four SAR teams and two fire departments responded and set up lights and located the
man on the side of the cliff below the bridge deck.

SAR members set up a rope rescue system and lowered themselves close to the subject and made contact with him. The man was ok, but scared and exhausted.

The SAR team was joined by rope technicians from Trail Fire and together they executed a perfect rescue. The technician was lowered down to the subject and then hooked the man into his rope system and they were both lowered to the rail trail below the bridge. The subject was checked over by SAR medics and released to the RCMP.  The bridge was then opened up for the traffic that had been waiting for approximately two hours.