Polar Bear Swim 2017 in Nelson BC

Kootenay Coop Radio is 97% sure we are sponsoring the Polar Bear swim this year at Lakeside Park, Nelson, BC.

Will you be jumping in the lake this year, or do you want to come cheer people on? Thanks to BC Ambulance Service and Nelson Search and Rescue for committing to being on the scene. And Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society for signing up to help out.

Please remember to bring a donation, to help ensure this event can continue in years to come.

Warm chili or hot chocolate served at 11:30am. Plunge at noon! Tropical music supplied by KCR’s very own Pineapple Man.

Swim tips:
If you have a heart problem – just watch!
Children must swim and stay with an adult.
Please leave your dog at home.
Do not drink – alcohol does not warm you up – it accelerates hypothermia.
Do not stay in the water longer than 15 minutes. Body heat is lost 25 times faster in water than in air.
Do not remove your clothing until swim time. The swim will be started by a siren.

E-mail BCTV Kootenays and let us know what other communities in southeast BC are holding their Polar Bear swims!