Hiker lost in mountains rescued near Golden, B.C.

A search crew rescued a stranded hiker who got lost in the dark from a mountain near Golden, B.C.

The Golden-Field RCMP responded to a request for assistance from a stranded hiker early Wednesday evening.

On January 4, 2017 at approximately 5:45 pm (MST), the Golden-Field RCMP received a call from a 33 year-old male who advised police that he had been hiking in the mountains near Golden and was unable to find his way back due to darkness.

Police immediately activated Golden & District Search and Rescue (GADSAR), who were able to determine that the lone male was on a ridge known as Wisdom Tooth, southwest of Golden.

The male is believed to have skied and hiked into the area, however was not equipped for an overnight excursion and required rescuing as soon as possible.

Mobilization of a GADSAR ground crew was conducted while various air rescue resources were canvassed, says Cst. Spencer Lainchbury with the Golden-Field RCMP. Air rescue resources were not able to deploy a night time flight due to unfavourable weather conditions.

GADSAR technicians set out hiking into the area in efforts to locate the male overnight, and the male was located cold but uninjured around 1:00 am.

The rescue team then made their way out of the terrain and back to Golden with the male.

The dedication shown by the GADSAR team brought this rescue mission to a successful conclusion overnight, however, we want to remind outdoor enthusiasts that several factors such as terrain and weather conditions may prevent night time rescues, and with extreme winter temperatures, those venturing into the back country need to be prepared to stay overnight, states Cst. Lainchbury.