You can now register to be an organ donor at all ICBC offices

ICBC is expanding the number of places drivers can sign up to be an organ donor.

Beginning Monday, British Columbians who visit an ICBC office across the province will be asked to register their decision on being an organ donor. It’s an increase from only four locations in B.C. that offered this service.

Over 15,000 customers registered their decision on organ donation during the pilot program in North Vancouver, Abbotsford, Kelowna and Vancouver in 2016.

ICBC says 51 per cent of British Columbians think they have made a registered decision on organ donation, but in fact only 21 per cent have.

BC Transplant says the program will help boost the number of organ donors in the province.

“The conversation around organ donation and registering your wishes is so important, and we need to create opportunities for these conversations to happen in communities, workplaces, and with family and friends. The expansion of the ICBC program does just that,” said Leanne Appleton, BC Transplant’s provincial executive director. “Talking about organ donation has a direct impact on organ donor registrations, and can lead to more British Columbians receiving life-saving transplants.”

You can also sign up to be an organ donor online at BC Transplant’s website.

There are currently just over one million registered donors in the province, but hundreds are desperately waiting for transplants.