Weather Network’s 2017 Spring Forecast

The remarkable winter of 2016-2017 will be remembered very differently, depending on which part of Canada you call home…

While millions of Canadians experienced exceptionally mild temperatures during January and February, much of the country (geographically) experienced a “classic Canadian winter” with an abundance of snow.

The Good, Bad & Ugly

The ‘classic winter’ called for (re-read Winter Forecast 2016/17 here) was particularly true in the West, where Arctic air and frequent storms brought impactful snow even to typically mild locations like Vancouver and Victoria, while in the mountains of B.C., snowfall was measured in meters.

The Prairies also saw bitter cold at times and significant snow, with Winnipeg seeing its second snowiest winter on record. A stormy pattern for Atlantic Canada brought howling winds, heavy snow, and blizzard conditions from the Maritimes to Newfoundland, especially late in the season.

One region – southern Ontario – did see persistent mild conditions during the heart of winter (after a cold and snowy start to the season in December), which caused one of Canada’s most densely populated regions to miss out on what we anticipated.