Purchase and Sale Agreement expires on Esso and Tim Hortons development in Grand Forks BC

Grand Forks, BC – After two extensions, the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) on the parcel of land that may have become an Esso and Tim Hortons has expired.

Despite significant work by both parties, the next step in the agreement was not met before the renewal limit of the PSA was reached. Finalizing the access agreement with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure was the next step in the process but the developer chose not to pursue it. Other steps in the development process include a Works and Services Agreement and drawings showing the form and character of the proposed buildings. The property remains for sale.

The City’s development procedure follows the standard practice in the province. When a developer approaches the City, they initiate the process with an application. Staff then check any development permit areas, zoning, or other requirements for the intended use of the property. Sometimes the Province must approve parts of the application, like for subdivision or for properties near the highway. When the property owner is ready to build, they get a building permit to make sure everything is built to code. Last year, the City processed millions of dollars’ worth of building permits.