Nelson Air Cadet Officer Promoted

On April 12, 2017, Jade Hoglund, a Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer with 561 Nelson Osprey Air Cadet Squadron was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Lieutenant Hoglund is the Training Officer for the squadron.

The Cadet Program is a community-based organization that requires the support of dedicated adult leaders like Lieutenant Hoglund to be successful. Adult leaders are needed to train, administer and supervise the youth involved in the Cadet Program. Training, pay and uniforms are provided for those that choose to join the Canadian Armed Forces as a Cadet Instructors Cadre officer.

Cadet Instructor Cadre Officers work with cadets an average of one night and one weekend day per week, with additional time devoted to organizing and planning activities. Many of them also spend their summers instructing cadets at one of the 22 cadet summer training centres or accompany cadets on competitions, expeditions or foreign exchange visits. CIC officers instruct cadets on the wide variety of skills and knowledge that is contained in the Cadet Program. They also provide coaching and mentorship and become role models for our youth.

The squadron meets every Wednesday from 6:15 pm to 9:00 pm in the Nelson Eagles Hall at 641 Baker St.

The squadron always welcomes new cadets who are between the ages of 12 and 18.

Quick Facts

·         There are more than 52,000 cadets and 7,000 Cadet Instructor Cadre officers in Canada

·         The cadets have been active in Nelson since the 1950’s


“I am proud of my role in the cadet program and I am looking forward to the new opportunities that my promotion will provide me and the cadets”

Lt. Hoglund

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