Search completed on Columbia River in Trail BC for missing man after boating accident

 After an extensive search Tuesday evening and operations Wednesday have yielded no results in finding the missing man…

Search and Rescue crews from the South Columbia and area have stood down operations for the search of missing  28 yr old Jeffrey Bauder, who is presumed to have drowned after falling off a watercraft Tuesday afternoon.

(South Columbia Search and Rescue Release) – would like to thank our neighbouring teams Rossland, Castlegar and Nelson for helping with this search. About 50 SAR members searched over last night and Wednesday.

Ground, water and air operations searched the area Wednesday to try every effort to find Jeffery Bauder. The river was covered extensively as well as the entire shoreline from the upper Rivervale area all the way to the US boarder.

The river was actually searches by 3 separate teams to make sure nothing was missed.

Operations were stood down Wednesday afternoon.