FLOOD UPDATE FOR BOUNDARY REGION — All States of Local Emergency in the Boundary have been cancelled

All States of Local Emergency in the Boundary have been cancelled.

River and stream levels in the Boundary forecasts downgraded significantly Saturday May 13…

River levels expected to be well below last weekend’s levels.

Although the predicted floods will not happen this weekend, spring melt and runoff is not over.

Snowpacks at high elevations remain well above seasonal averages. If temperature rises quickly or heavy rains fall, river levels could rise quickly. Residents in low lying areas are advised to leave sandbags in place until alpine snowpacks decline.

In BC, river level predictions are calculated by the BC River Forecast Centre at http://bcrfc.env.gov.bc.ca and links to the BC River Forecast Centre for Boundary river level forecasts are posted at https://rdkb.com/HotTopics/BoundaryFlooding2017.aspx Residents are advised to regularly check the river level forecasts and take precautions if more flooding is predicted.

The Emergency Operations Centre will continue to monitor river forecasts and will regularly update the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary website at www.rdkb.com and the emergency information Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/RDKB_Emergency

The Emergency Operations Centre thanks everyone who worked hard at preparing for the forecast floods



This alert is being issued due to the potential for a second spike in flooding from the Kettle River in the Manly Meadows Area.

Predictions are that the water level could exceed those experienced on Saturday, May 6. Your property is on alert due to concerns associated with responders and resident’s safety considering the potential loss of road access to your property if water levels rise. You are not being ordered to leave your property at this time, but please be prepared to do so.

You should prepare for the possibility of an evacuation order by:

• Gathering essential items remember the 5 Ps (People, Pets, Prescriptions, Papers and Photos).

• Designating a meeting place for family members outside of the evacuation area.

• Arranging accommodation for your family if necessary.

• Preparing to move any disabled persons and/or children.

• Moving personal belongings to a higher location within your home.

• Moving pets and livestock to a safe area outside the evacuation alert area.

• Monitor news sources for information on evacuation orders.

In case of an evacuation order you will be given further instructions at that time. A Reception Centre is being set up at the Jack Goddard Memorial Arena, 2020 Central Avenue, Grand Forks, BC. For more information and for assistance with transportation: o Emergency Operations Centre: 1.888.747.9119

o www.rdkb.com

o #RDKBEmergency o Local media, radio and television.

If you are affected by rising waters please call 1-888-747-9119. Residents are advised to stay away from creeks and rivers until further notice as they are running high and are dangerous. Click here for Important Information from Fortis on gas and electricity lines. Click here for Debris Flow Hazard Awareness guidelines.