Living Lakes Canada Exec Director with PMO at WWF Freshwater Health Assessment Release June 12th in Ottawa

Local Basin resident Kat Hartwig travelled to Ottawa to participate in the day long conference hosted by WWF Canada to release their long awaited Canadian Fresh Water Heath Assessment.

The report reiterated that while Canada may be home to 20 per cent of the world’s freshwater, there is no national system to collect or share information about the health and quality of Canada’s watersheds, according to a new national assessment of Canada’s rivers.

The report by WWF-Canada warns that Canada’s watersheds are facing serious threats from pollution, climate change and loss of habitat.

“I think that’s a result that we need to consider when we work on water monitoring in the Columbia Basin, stated Kat Hartwig following her attendance to World Wildlife Foundation Fresh Water Health Assessment Release on June 12.  “We were able to provide some of the water quality data collected by water monitoring groups in the Columbia Basin to help complete the fresh water health assessment providing a high level overview of the Columbia Basin water health“, stated Ms Hartwig.

Hartwig went on to say “it was heartening to hear the Prime Minister say that he understands we are in a situation of often not having enough water data for sound water policy decision making in Canada, and that this is a challenge that Canadian’s need to work on collectively to help resolve.”

“There is a great opportunity for the us to collaborate in order to fill our own water data gaps in the Columbia Basin and act upon the important information that was relayed to the Basin residents, business, and industry with the release of the Columbia Basin Trust’s report, Water Monitoring and Climate Change in the Upper Columbia Basin, in February this year, concluded Hartwig.