Nelson Police Department want to alert residents to a new fraud/scam

The Nelson Police Department would like to alert city residents to a new fraud/scam.  This morning, a resident of Nelson received a phone call from an unidentified male/blocked caller who claimed he was representing the Nelson Police Department. 

The caller claimed he was doing a Canada wide call out to raise money for the kids in Nelson.  The person said he was seeking donations between $200-$500 to help this cause.  The victim, after speaking with the caller for 5-minutes realized it was a scam and thankfully did not give any money.

The Nelson Police Department would like to make people aware of this new fraud and to always be diligent when receiving unsolicited calls such as this.  Fraudsters are becoming more and more creative in coming up with new scams to try and get money.  In the event that you do receive a call such as this, please call the Nelson Police Department or Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 888.495.8501.