Grow-Op Taken Down by Cranbrook RCMP, cash & weapons seized

Two people are once again in custody after RCMP executed a second warrant within the span of six months on a property in the 7000 Block of Hidden Valley Road.

(RCMP RELEASE) In February, Cranbrook RCMP were granted a search warrant for a property on Hidden Valley Rd. At this time, the two occupants of the residence were arrested and a large amount of marijuana, along with cash and weapons were seized. These two individuals have been making their way through the courts on several counts including Weapons possession, unsafe storage of firearms, and trafficking.

Today, Cranbrook RCMP were once again issued a warrant to search the same residence on Hidden Valley Rd as they had gained more information that there was yet another grow op on the property.  RCMP searched the property and located close to 300 marijuana plants.

A 49 year old male and a 51 year old female, both residents of Cranbrook, are set to appear in court on Monday, July 17th, 2017.