Back to school special: CP hosts successful boom school in Invermere

On August 29 and 30, Canadian Pacific (CP) hosted a successful “boom school” near Invermere, BC.

CP is an industry leader in first-responder training and is the first railroad to offer this course in Canada. CP has run a number of similar sessions previously in the U.S.

Rail is the safest way to move goods over land, and CP has held the lowest accident frequency of any North American Class 1 railroad for 11 consecutive years. That said, CP believes preparedness for even unlikely events is essential.

“It was a pleasure to host fire departments and government officials for this unique and important training,” said CP Hazardous Materials Officer Dustin Ritter. “Petroleum products float on water so floating containment and absorbent booms have the potential to be very effective in preventing a spill from spreading. The most effective time to place a boom is immediately following an incident, before the spill has a chance to migrate to other parts of a lake or river, so time is of the essence and this training will only improve response times in the unlikely event that an incident should occur.”

CP believes these skills can help to protect bodies of water, regardless of the source of a release, and is proud to be able to play a role in that protection.

CP has boom and boats stationed at numerous locations along the Columbia River, including Revelstoke, Golden and Cranbrook. Anyone with the proper training can deploy these booms for any incident, railroad-related or not.

Safety is CP’s priority in everything it does. For more information on CP’s commitment to safety and training, visit: