UPDATED: Evacuation Alert continues for Harrop, Procter, Sunshine Bay, Kootenay Lake Village due to 3,142.0 hectare Wildfire

Wildfire Update: No Significant Growth Overnight for Harrop Creek Wildfire, Evacuation Alerts Remain in Place

The Regional District of Central Kootenay has received an update from BC Wildfire regarding the Harrop Creek and Rapid Creek Wildfires. There has been no appreciable growth of the Harrop Creek wildfire overnight and BC Wildfire continues to develop a containment line between the fire and the communities below. The Evacuation Alert remains in place for the communities of Harrop, Proctor, Sunshine Bay and Kootenay Lake Village.  The Rapid Creek Wildfire has continued to burn towards the west, with no growth towards the community of Poplar Creek. The Evacuation Alert for Poplar Creek remains in place.

The RDCK wants to emphasize to residents in the Harrop Creek Wildfire Evacuation Alert area to prepare themselves should the situation change and an evacuation is required. If an evacuation were required the Harrop cable ferry will be restricted to passengers and vehicles only – trailers, boats, and livestock will not be allowed. If residents with livestock need more information about relocating their animals they can contact the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) at 250-352-7701. It is also recommended that residents consider making arrangements with family or friends should an evacuation occur since Emergency Social Services may be overwhelmed by a large amount of evacuees.

Residents who wish to receive text updates specific to the Harrop Creek wildfire for the duration of the incident can text HARROP to 778-400-1771.

All residents are encouraged to prepare a 72 hour Grab and Go Emergency Kit for themselves and their families and to sign up for the RDCK Emergency Alert Notification System.

Harrop Creek (N71382)

Last updated: Saturday, September 02, 2017 at 3:21 PM

Location: 10 km south of Harrop-Procter
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Discovered: Thursday, July 27, 2017

Size: 3,142.0 hectares (estimated)

Status: Active

InterfaceInterface Interface Fire

Evacuation Alert is in effect.

The Regional District of Central Kootenay has implemented an evacuation alert for the Harrop, Procter, Sunshine Bay and Kootenay Lake Village. For detailed information about this evacuation alert, people should call the Regional District of Central Kootenay at 250 352-6665 or visit the district�s website at; http://www.rdck.ca/EN/meta/news/news-archives/2017-news-archive/evacuation-alert-issued-for.html

More information
This fire is currently burning in steep and complex terrain. The flames will be highly visible over night and smoke from this fire can be seen from HWY 3A and the surrounding communities.

The Harrop Mainline and East Harrop Mainline Forest Service Road is closed to the public at this time to aid in fire suppression efforts and to keep the public safe.

Cause: Lightning Lightning Caused

• 1 firefighters
• 1 helicopters
• 4 heavy equipment
Winds overnight increased fire behavior on the east flank. This fire has now entered the Narrow Creek Drainage. Personnel are reassessing this fire and working on contingency plans. Machines are building guard today.

BC Wildfire Service reports no significant growth in the Harrop Creek wildfire overnight.  The fire is approximately 4.5 km upslope of the community and wildfire crews are engaged in containment operations as part of a contigency plan.

Evacuation Alerts were issued door to door yesterday evening to the affected areas including Harrop, Procter, Sunshine Bay and Kootenay Lake Village.

Original Release…

Due to recent changes in activity of the Harrop Creek wildfire, the Regional District of Central Kootenay has issued an Evacuation Alert for 486 properties within Harrop, Procter, Sunshine Bay and Kootenay Lake Village.  See map.

This Evacuation Alert has been issued to prepare residents to leave at a moment’s notice should the fire threaten lives or properties.  Athough there is no requirement for residents and visitors to leave at this time, it is recommended that preparations should be made including the relocation of livestock, trailers, and boats.  This action can only take place within the Evacuation Alert phase as there is only 1 access/egress route that depends on the cable ferry.  In the event of an Evacuation Order, the ferry would be restricted to vehicles and passengers only, due to limited time and ferry capacity.  Absolutely no trailers will be allowed.

All RDCK residents, businesses, and visitors are encouraged to sign up to the RDCK Emergency Alert system which will contact users when an emergency or disaster strikes in their area and action is required. To sign up, go to:  http://www.rdck.ca/EN/main/services/emergency-management/emergency-alerts.html

For updates on the current Harrop Creek wildfire situation, visit:

BC Wildfire – Interactive Map of Current Fires
RDCK will provide updates as information becomes available or by 2:00 pm tomorrow.

UPDATED: Harrop Creek Wildfire in the West Kootenay explodes early Thursday morning causing an Evacuation Alert

Evacuation Alert for Harrop Creek fire area

CASTLEGAR – In the interest of public safety, the Regional District of Central Kootenay has implemented an evacuation alert for the Harrop, Procter, Sunshine Bay and Kootenay Lake Village, effective immediately on Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017.

Evacuation Alert

* The Harrop Creek wildfire is located approximately 10 kilometres south of the communities of Harrop and Procter. Winds caused an increase in fire behaviour overnight and contingency plans are being worked on and implemented currently.

* This 2,532-hectare wildfire is in difficult terrain containing volatile fuel types that challenge fire suppression operations. There is no updated fire size available at this time.

* For detailed information about this evacuation alert, people should call the Regional District of Central Kootenay at 250 352-6665 or visit the district’s website: http://www.rdck.ca/EN/meta/news/news-archives/2017-news-archive/evacuation-alert-issued-for.html

Forest Service Road Closure

* The Lodgepole FSR wildfire (N11971) is located approximately 33 kilometres southeast of Fernie. This fire is currently not threatening any structures or communities, however, it will be impacting the Lodgepole Forest Service Road, which is one of the main road systems providing access to and from the Flathead geographic.

* This fire is estimated to be 600 hectares in size.

* In the interest of public safety, a road closure in effect for the Lodgepole Forest Service Road starting at the 35-kilometre mark through to the 42-kilometre mark.

* A detailed map of the road closure can be found here: http://ow.ly/e5Ut30ePzSt

With increased wind activity expected in the Southeast Fire Centre, paired with the hot and dry conditions continuing in the region, the BC Wildfire Service is anticipating an increase in fire behaviour heading into the long weekend.

Update on Off Road Vehicle Restriction

* The prohibition specific to off-road vehicles does not apply to private land. The ORV prohibition does not apply to agriculture, emergency responders or commercial/industrial users who operate ORVs for farming, emergency response or business purposes. The ORV prohibition also does not apply to individuals who are customers of and remain in the presence of a commercial/industrial user operating an ORV for business purposes.

* The prohibition specific to on-highway vehicles, as identified in the off road vehicle regulation, section 2(e), does not apply when travelling on a road as defined in the forest planning and practices regulation.

* The prohibition specific to motorcycles, as identified in the off road vehicle regulation, section 2(b), does not apply to motorcycles that are licensed for operation in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act, when travelling on a road as defined in the forest planning and practices regulation.

* This order remains in force until the earlier of 12 noon (Pacific time) on Oct. 31, 2017 or until the order is rescinded.

The Southeast Fire Centre extends from the U.S. border in the south to the Mica Dam in the north and from the Okanagan Highlands and Monashee Mountains in the west to the B.C.-Alberta border in the east. The Southeast Fire Centre includes the Selkirk Natural Resource District and the Rocky Mountain Natural Resource District.

To report a wildfire or open burning violation, call *5555 on a cellphone or 1 800 663-5555 toll-free. For the latest information on current wildfire activity, burning restrictions, road closures and air quality advisories, visit: www.bcwildfire.ca

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