Fireball? Meteor? 5 things to know about the bright light over Western Canada

If you happened to be walking outside in some areas of British Columbia and Alberta Monday night, you may have witnessed a bright fireball that lit up the sky.



Around 10:14 p.m., some residents from the Okanagan to Calgary saw a mysterious light illuminate the sky, which was followed by a loud bang.

RCMP were inundated with calls after the event, as many residents were left wondering what exactly flew through the sky.

Actual witness account, names withheld by request: “At approximately 10:11PM while sitting outside at an area north of Nelson BC called Longbeach 14 miles, 22 kl north of Nelson, a bright green/blue flash of light brightened the dark sky followed by a huge fireball overhead that looked to be breaking up in the sky heading from the south directly north. There was a swoosh sound as it past and then everything went completely dark. Then 30 seconds to a minute later sound of explosions shook the air. Not one big boom but several sounds of explosions that rumbled and echoed through the mountains that lasted at least 30 seconds.” “It was very scary and  had all four people shaking and absolutely astonished at witnessing such an event.”