Nelson Fire crews respond to another grass fire

TMTV.NET (Nelson Fire Rescue Release & photo) – At 15:56 hours Nelson Fire & Rescue Services responded to a report of a wildland fire on Government Road in the Railtown area. Members responded immediately from the station.

Upon arrival, an aggressive roadside grass fire was being actioned by 3 members of the public with tools that they had on hand. Nelson Fire & Rescue members were able to immediately supply water and complete the extinguishment. The fire was stopped at a size of 3 meters by 4 meters.

Government Road was closed with the assistance of the Nelson Police Department for approximately ½ hour to allow for fire overhaul and investigation.

Nelson Fire and Rescue would like to thank the three individuals who made a quick call to the fire department and took decisive action to prevent this incident from escalating.

Nelson grass fire appears to be caused by discarded smoking material