Fitness Centre Expansion Opens on Monday, September 11, 2017 – Trail Aquatic and Leisure Centre

TRAIL, BC – The Trail Parks and Recreation Department is excited to announce the new 1,000-sq.ft fitness centre expansion at the Trail Aquatic and Leisure Centre will be open and ready for use at 6:00am on Monday, September 11, 2017.

Medicine balls, exercise mats, small hand weights, plyometric boxes, kettle bells and other fitness accessories will fill this space so gym-goers can enjoy a safe and spacious area designated for functional movement training (squats, lunges, mat exercises, box jumps, ball work, small weight exercises etc.).

“This new space has been a long time coming,” said Trisha Davison, Director of Parks and Recreation. “We’ve always offered equipment for functional movement training, but we’ve struggled with ample space.  It wasn’t uncommon to see folks exercising in the hallway, stretching in the lobby or doing crunches in the corner of the fitness centre.  With the new space, we can offer our patrons an area designed specifically for these exercises.  It’s adjacent to the main fitness centre for convenience and it’s bright and spacious. Most importantly, it offers a safe environment for movement and training.”

The City was fortunate to receive grant funding from the Western Diversification Program to help with nearly 50% of the total project cost.  “The City’s total of $172,500 is well worth the investment,” said Davison.  “We’re here to provide the community with something for everybody. Whether you’re young or old, new to the fitness world or have been working out for years, we want you to feel welcome, safe and comfortable in our facility.  If you haven’t been to the Trail Aquatic and Leisure Centre, we encourage you to stop by – we’d be happy to show you our new space and other amenities.”