Jaws of Life used to rescue driver in Nelson BC accident

(NFRS RELEASE) – At 0852 hours Nelson Fire & Rescue Services responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident that had taken out a hydrant with the possibility of persons trapped.  Both on duty members responded immediately.

Upon arrival of the first crew it was observed that both vehicles had left the road and severed a fire hydrant.  EHS personnel were on scene assessing patients for injuries.  It was quickly determined that the Jaw of Life would be required to allow the removal of a patient from the passenger side door. Crews were able to remove the door, in a tight location, while working between the two vehicles.

EHS then removed the patient to ambulance and transported to hospital.  Nelson Police Department members were on scene and conducted the accident investigation.

In all, two firefighters responded to the incident with one fire engines and one utility vehicle.  The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Nelson Fire & Rescue Services would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Fire Prevention Week is just around the corner and ensure that their smoke alarms are all working properly.