Cheers to Beers! October is B.C. Craft Beer Month

Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham has issued the following statement in recognition of British Columbia’s innovative craft brewers, and the seventh-annual B.C. Craft Beer Month:

“I invite British Columbians to toast B.C.’s local craft brewers during B.C. Craft Beer Month.

“B.C. continues to solidify its reputation as the craft beer capital of Canada.

“The craft beer industry has seen incredible growth in our province, from 54 breweries in 2010 to more than 140 today. This year, over 20 new B.C. breweries will open their doors, the fourth year in a row they will have accomplished this milestone.

“B.C. craft brewers are located in 60 communities around the province. Each craft brewery is locally owned and operated by our friends and our neighbours, fellow British Columbians.

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of B.C., and the craft beer industry employs over 4,000 British Columbians. The industry also supports our agricultural and tourism sectors, through industry partnerships with hop and grain growers, as well as fruit growers, and food and beverage establishments.

“The word ‘innovation’ is used a lot these days and B.C.’s craft brewers take it to a whole new level. Who would have thought a decade ago that you could now try tasty B.C. beers with pumpkin, kelp, coffee, raspberries and peanut butter?

“I encourage British Columbians to think about B.C. craft beers when looking for a refreshing libation this month, and to enjoy their B.C. brews in a responsible manner.

“Congratulations B.C. craft brewers on your success! The B.C. government looks forward to working with the BC Craft Brewers Guild to build new opportunities for this ever-growing industry.”

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