Cranbrook RCMP stats for the past week

169 calls for service throughout this week.


1 impaired driver / 90 day prohibition + 1 three day prohibition and 1 twenty four hour prohibition

11 Collisions – 1 pedestrian collision on Theatre Rd which resulted in the death of a 25 year old resident, 8 in town where property damage and/or minor injuries were incurred, 2  out of town involving wildlife.  Cranbrook Municipal General Investigation Section and Crime Reduction Unit also assumed lead for an injury accident in Elk Valley’s jurisdiction.  The incident involved a stolen vehicle and a Jaffray area resident already subject of Charges out of Cranbrook.

3 Hit and Run – the offending vehicle has been identified in two cases and Charges laid, the other occurred in a parking lot and suspect not identified

6 Mental Health Calls – 2 apprehensions and 1 assistance to East Kootenay Regional Hospital

12 Assault complaints: 4 Domestic in Nature / 1 attempted assault involving road rage incident

12 Thefts reported including:

–          Shoplifting : 6

–          Theft of auto: 1 report involving a property dispute

–          Theft from vehicles: 1 report where the registration decal was taken

–          Theft of a bicycle: 1

–          Theft Other: 0

Break and Enters  – 0

Break and Enter to residence: 0

8 reports of property damage: 2 involved broken windows at businesses

3 drug seizures: marihuana, unknown pills and unknown powder

3 false alarms /  16 false 911 complaints