See the closest Full Moon of 2017 Sunday, the Super moon will still be spectacular Monday night!

We are in the midst of Fall, and with the weather cooling down and the longer nights, there’s plenty to get out and see in the night sky. Here are the best skywatching events still left to see this season.

2017’s Perigee Full Moon – Dec 3-4

Go out on the night of Sunday, Dec 3, and look up at the Moon, and you’ll be seeing the largest Full Moon of this year!

The Moon’s orbit around Earth is elliptical, rather than circular, so at times it is closer to us, and other times it is farther away. As this happens, month by month, there are certain Full and New Moons that are closer than others. If the Full Moon or the New Moon occurs when the Moon is closer than 361,524 km (90 per cent of the average distance between the Moon and Earth), it’s known – at least colloquially – as a Super Moon.