Monday Night at the Movies…Old Theatre Castlegar

After our trip to Spain, the next movie in the Kootenay Gallery’s Monday Night at the Movies series will take you to Switzerland .,

TMTV.NET – (Submitted) – Showing Monday January 29th , 7pm at the Old Theatre Castlegar, The Divine Order is set in Switzerland in 1971, a time of great upheaval in the country as women are trying to get the right to vote!.
Nora is a young housewife and mother who lives with her husband in a small village where the social rebellion hasn’t created much of a stir. Nora is a quiet, retiring person and well liked – until she begins to campaign vigorously and pugnaciously for women’s right to vote, an issue which will be put ( obviously) before the men voters of the country.  Nora’s husband Hans , matinee -idol handsome Maximillian Simonischek, has been happy with his marriage to his relatively compliant wife so he, and other village husbands, are not entirely pleased  when the wives return from a trip to Zurich  and go on strike until the vote is taken.
This is a warm and funny crowd -pleaser , thanks to the performance of Marie Leuenberger as Nora and the way she compels  the males in her life to make room for her and to do some learning themselves.. Tickets $9 at the door..