Nelson Fire Rescue responds to several snow related calls during Tuesdays storm

The heavy snowfall yesterday created multiple responses for Nelson Fire and Rescue Services. More snow on the way for Thursday

TMTV.NET (Nelson Fire Rescue) Nelson BC Canada – Starting at 0820 hours a call was received for a slip and fall on the ice resulting in an injured leg.  One of the two on-duty members responded to the upper Fairview location to assist.  While finishing with this patient another call was received reporting a motor vehicle collision on Granite Road involving a school bus with over 30 children on board.  The two on-duty members responded immediately with an additional off-duty member called in.  Upon arrival there was minor damage to the bus and significant damage to the car.  No injuries were reported but all students were checked out by EHS paramedics and Dr. Sparrow, the community response doctor.  RCMP are investigating the cause of the incident and YRB took care of traffic control.  Nelson Fire and Rescue Services cleaned up an oil leak from the bus, helped secure the scene, and assisted the other agencies.

While the two on-duty members were assisting with the bus incident a fire alarm was triggered at a local school.  The called-in member responded to the school and determined there was no hazard.

While returning from the first motor vehicle incident the crews came upon another accident on Highway 3A/6 near Pacific Insight.  There was minor damage and no injuries at this scene as the pickup truck had left the roadway and was in the snow in the ditch.

Nelson Fire Rescue Photo

As crews were getting back to the station, a report of a vehicle fire in upper Fairview came in.  Two members responded and arrived to find an older GMC Jimmy on fire with flames coming from under the hood.  The two members were able to extinguish the fire, there was significant damage within the engine compartment, and relatively minor fire damage to the interior of the vehicle.  The cause of the fire is suspected to be electrical in nature.  As a result of the smoke from the vehicle fire being drawn into the air handling system the Nelson Christian Community School was temporarily evacuated until the crew could assist with exhausting the smoke.

While the crew was returning from the vehicle fire they were dispatched to a biohazard call in a public location involving discarded needles and a small amount of blood.

By about 1300 hours things had normalized with one other emergency call coming in later in the day.

In the first ten days of the year Nelson Fire and Rescue has responded to thirty-seven calls for assistance.

Nelson Fire & Rescue Services would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to check their home for fire safety.  This includes, among other things, to ensure that you have working smoke alarms and that your electrical outlets are not overloaded.