Multiple thefts from community mailboxes in Nelson & surrounding area

The thefts involve mail being stolen from community mailboxes located in several areas…

TMTV.NET (RCMP) – Nelson RCMP and surrounding areas are investigating multiple thefts of mail from various locations during the past week. The thefts involve small parcels, cards and general mail being stolen from compartments in community mailboxes located in several areas.

In order to prevent mail theft, the RCMP are advising the public to pick up mail promptly after delivery and not leave it in the mailbox overnight. If planning a holiday, have someone retrieve mail on a daily basis or, for a fee, Canada Post will hold mail at the delivery office for later delivery. Police also suggest checking the physical security of the mailbox to ensure there are no gaps or damage and to avoid sending cash or cheques in the mail. Also, if there is a damaged or overturned mailbox, contact Canada Post to report it. If you possess any information regarding these incidents, please contact your local RCMP office.

Further information and tips regarding mail security can be found at

If anything has been stolen to your knowledge, please report to your local RCMP detachment.