Warmer weather on it’s way…

The snow will start to melt today as the temperatures increase, bringing a milder air massĀ to the valley bottoms. – Avalanche Canada photo

The weather network is more optimistic with highs in Nelson BC in the West Kootenay region of southeast BC, reaching 6 degrees and partly sunny by Sunday with rain possible by the middle of the week. Environment Canada says a high of 3 degrees and mostly cloudy for Sunday.

A good 15 centimetres of snow fell overnight in the area and will make for wet and sloppy conditions on the roads. Check DriveBC for current conditions and possible road closures.

A Special avalanche warning is in effect for most parts of southeast BC.

With the avalanche dangerĀ rating of High and large destructive avalanches occurring. It is not recommended to travel into the backcountry at this time. Rapid warming on Sunday is expected to increase the likelihood of avalanches. Check with Avalanche Canada BEFORE heading out.