Glade Ferry II gets ready to launch

“Lots of excitement this morning as we get ready to launch the new Glade II Ferry!” – TransBC

TransBC announced on Twitter Sunday morning that they are getting the new Glade II Ferry ready to launch. They expect to have the ferry in the water Monday after some equipment breakdowns Sunday that delayed the launch.


Lots of excitement this morning as we get ready to launch the new Glade II Ferry! W Kootenay District @TranBC_WestKoot from Twitter.

(Video above) Getting close. Some equipment breakdowns will have us trying again tomorrow (Monday Jan 15) at 9am. –TransBC West Kootenay District video from Twitter.

The Glade cable ferry runs across the Kootenay River on Highway 3A (22.5 kilometres west of Nelson) to Glade.

The Government announce the construction of several new inland Ferries in February of 2016. The new cable ferries will continue to serve the communities of Glade and Harrop on the Kootenay River, Arrow Park on Arrow Lake, the Adams Lake Indian Band and other residents on Adams Lake. The existing vessels have now reached the end of their working life. Some have been serving these communities since the 1940s.

The new ferries that will serve Glade, Harrop and Arrow Park, will be larger and able to carry more vehicles than the existing ferries, with capacity increased to handle commercial vehicles at full highway loads. The new cable ferry for Adams Lake will accommodate the same capacity as the existing vessel.


Travel Alert Updated: Glade Ferry out-of-service Monday, January 15th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

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