Cannabis seed giveaway – Overgrow Canada will be mailing out seeds

If you haven’t signed up for your 100 free cannabis seeds this year, please click here!

We will begin mailing out the seeds in about three weeks. Everyone should have them by the end of February with plenty of time to sprout them for spring!

I am giving out the Freedom Dream strain again. These plants will be male and female. They will grow to about five feet tall under good conditions. The female buds will produce around 10% CBD.

Click for photos from Overgrow Canada 2016.

Click for photos from Overgrow Canada 2017.

If possible, sprout these seeds and get the plants started at home, then plant them in public places like city hall, libraries, parks and so on. Try to take a picture and send it to me!

So far I have given away over seven million seeds! I hope to add a few more million seeds to that total this year.

I have more exciting news to come soon, so stay tuned!

Together we will overgrow Canada!

Dana Larsen
Director, Overgrow Canada