Power restored to most areas around Nelson after heavy wet snow brings down trees

The power was restored around 1:15PM today to Longbeach Studios were TMTV BCTV is located…

TMTV.net Nelson BC Canada – The power went out Sunday evening just after 9PM and was out for more then 16 hours in some areas in and around Nelson after heavy wet snow brought down trees onto power lines. Power may still be out in some areas and crews are working hard to restore power.

NELSON HYDRON PUBLIC NOTICE: As of January 29th 1:55 pm, Power has been restored on the North Shore except for a few pockets including Taylor Drive, Chanton and MacKinnon Roads and Hamilton Road in Queens Bay. Hydro crews are continuing to work to restore the remaining outages. We expect all power to be restored by late this afternoon.

Contact the City of Nelson directly for updated information & updates at 1-877-324-9376 or on-line at Nelson.ca

TMTV would like to thank Nelson Hydro and all those who worked around the clock to get us all back on-line.


Monday January 29, 2018 at 11:00am

Here is the latest update from Nelson Hydro:

• There are broken lines in the 10 mile area.

• There is a large tree on lines near Harrop.

• Multiple fallen trees and related power line issues.

• Power is out at our Coffee Creek supply point from FortisBC.

• Nelson Hydro customers are out of power from 6 mile and north as well as Harrop/Proctor.

It will be several hours to get power back on for most of North Shore (Nelson Hydor needs power back from FortisBC, as well as fixing our own broken lines) and a while longer for Harrop/Proctor area.

Most of our line crew worked through the night with help from a Martech contract crew. A Martech crew is assisting our Line department with the North Shore repairs today as well.

Nelson Hydro thanks customers for their patience as they work in difficult conditions to repair the downed power lines.