Call Volume Outpaces Volunteer Growth at Kaslo SAR

President of Kaslo Search and Rescue described as the busiest year yet

KASLO, BC, JANUARY 30TH 208 In what the President of Kaslo Search and Rescue described as the busiest year yet, Stefan Lettrari also added because of volunteer growth the organization was able to professionally attend to the inbound calls.

After one of the busiest weekends for the regional search and rescue organizations Kaslo is gearing up for more growth and call outs.

Kaslo Search and Rescue Photo

The relatively small organization located in Kaslo and servicing a large region of Kaslo area and north is busy with new volunteers and adapting training programs to the ever expanding needs of the region.

“Many search and rescue organizations are specialists in one or two activities. For us, we have to be somewhat generalist covering everything from boat extractions and patient transfers on the lake, motor vehicle accidents and avalanche rescues with many things in between” said Lettrari.

For a group that is staffed by volunteers and supported by grants and donations the energy and enthusiasm shown by the volunteers is impressive.

Mark Jennings-Bates, Information Officer for the organization is a relatively new member. “It is a very welcoming organization. When I moved to the region last spring I had already made a decision to assist because of some of my background. The dedication that I have seen in the team is second to none with volunteers willingly interrupting family plans or nights out to assist when the pager goes off”.

With thousand and thousands of volunteer hours being expended each year, Lettrari and the board of directors are keen to make sure the organization keeps pace with the community and the broader demands.

For 2018 the organization is working on creating specialist teams that have a keen focus on one or more aspects of search and rescue. As a result, the training calendar is full and most members play a role in keeping the organization running from an admin and maintenance point of view also.

Anybody interested in volunteering with KSAR can contact them through their Facebook page @kaslosar.

In the spring the organization will be running their annual Ground Search and Rescue Training which is the prerequisite course to allow further search and rescue professional development.

The team will be taking part in the upcoming  Winter in the Forest on Family Day, February 12, 2018.