Another phone area code for B.C. next year

B.C. is getting a new area code next year


The CRTC says a new area code is needed because options with the other four — 604, 778, 250 and 236 — are expected to run out by May 2020.

Next spring, British Columbians will start dialing phone numbers with the area code 672. The new code will start rolling out on May 4, 2019.

The new 672 code will be used to cover the entire province, just like 236 and 778. Code 604 covers the Lower Mainland and 250 is only outside of Metro Vancouver.

The commission said that should give consumers and providers a year to adjust their plans before the projected run-out date for the old ones.

Rise of cellphone and other technology is driving up demand for new numbers. 

The 604 area code was the only area code in the province until 250 was added in 1996.

In 2001, area code 778 and 10-digit dialing were introduced in the Greater Vancouver area. That was extended provincewide in 2008.

Code 236 was the last to be rolled out in B.C., arriving in 2013. At that time, officials said the rise of cellphone and other technology was driving up demand for new numbers.