Special weather statement in effect for: Highway 3 – Paulson Summit to Kootenay Pass

Heavy snow expected today and tonight.


PHOTO: Kootenay Pass highway cam

TMTVNEWS.COM, Environment Canada – A slow moving frontal system will track across the BC Interior today and tonight. Snowfall accumulations of 20 to 30 cm can be expected by Friday morning before the snow tapers off.




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Vehicle Fire in Nelson causes $20,000 in damage

An early morning vehicle fire had the local fire department busy


TMTVNEWS.COM NELSON BC CANADA (NFR) At approximately 12:30 am Wednesday Dec 2, Nelson Fire & Rescue Services responded to a report of a vehicle fire.  Both on duty members responded immediately with one additional members responding from home to the station.

The cab of vehicle was fully involved upon arrival of the first crew. The first arriving crew’s primary objective was suppression efforts to extinguish the fire in the vehicle involved. The vehicle was parked in close proximity to an adjacent building but as a result of suppression efforts there was no damage to any other property.

The fire appears to have originated in the cab of the vehicle. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

Nelson Fire & Rescue responded to the incident with one fire engine. The fire was extinguished using approximately 400 gallons of water with foam mix. There were no injuries reported as a result of this incident.  Damage is estimated at $ 20,000.00. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Nelson Fire & Rescue would like to thank the Nelson Police Department for ensuring the scene remained safe while suppression & cleanup efforts took place.

Nelson Fire & Rescue Services would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to be safe this holiday season & ensure all smoke alarms in your residence are in working order.

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On November 30, 2015 at approximately 2329 hours, the Nelson Police Department received a call for service to a residence in the downtown area for a female refusing to leave.  Upon police arrival, it was determined that the female was threatening other tenants and becoming increasingly aggressive.  The female was located in the residence and refused to leave as per the property renter and police’s request.  In addition, the female refused to identify herself upon arrest.  As the female was being taken into custody, the female became combative with police and was restrained.  The female was transported to police headquarters where the female again fought with police, biting one member in the leg.  The female was held in custody for a bail hearing and charged with Obstruction, Resisting Arrest, Assaulting a Police Officer, and Failing to Leave a Premise when requested (Trespass Act).


On November 29, 2015 at approximately 0005 hours, the Nelson Police Department received a call for service related to a fight at a local business.  Upon police arrival, a heavily intoxicated male was observed being removed from the business by staff.  During the arrest of the male, the male became combative with police and was taken into custody.  Arresting members sustained minor injuries during the arrest.  Once the male was at police headquarters, the male again became combative with police and he was lodged in cells until sober.  The male was later released from custody and charges of Causing a Disturbance, Resisting Arrest, Assaulting a Police Officer, and being Intoxicated in Public are being recommended.

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Certain holiday lights ‘pose serious safety risk’: Health Canada

Health Canada said all seasonal lights manufactured by Taizhou Hongpeng Colour Lanterns “may pose a serious safety risk.”

Lights were sold at many BC stores list available by clicking here

The agency said the indoor and outdoor lights have been widely distributed across Canada in a number of stores under a wide variety of brand names. The affected products include Halloween and Christmas lights.

Health Canada started testing the lights after receiving a number of incident reports. Its testing uncovered hazards in several products, including overheating, as well as the risk of fire and electric shock.


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Variable speed signs coming to some B.C. highways

Eighteen speed signs will be installed along Highway 1 from Perry River to Revelstoke


TMTVNEWS.COM, VANCOUVER – B.C. drivers oblivious to bad weather conditions will soon have a high-tech reminder to slow down.

The Transportation Ministry is installing variable speed signs along sections of the Coquihalla, Trans-Canada and Sea-to-Sky highways in an effort to cut down on weather-related crashes.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone says 47 digital signs will be installed along routes where the weather can change quickly and catch drivers off guard.

The $12.5-million project will take continuously updated data from traffic, pavement and visibility sensors and feed the information to each of the signs, which will adjust the speed limit to reflect conditions.

Testing will be conducted over the next two or three months to ensure the signs are reliable and appropriately calibrated to detect conditions such as drizzle changing to freezing rain.

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Creston to have tribute to local sports figures and builders

TMTVNEWS.COM, Creston BC Canada – Creston will soon have a tribute to local sports figures and builders.
The Creston Valley Sports Wall of Fame will be located at the Community Complex.
Covering the area from Yahk to Riondel.
The CV Services Committee ( part of the RDCK) is paying the $5,000 associated with launching the project.
Co-founder Signe Miller says an online/interactive set-up was the best option.
Miller says those eligible to be added to the wall of fame need to have lived in Creston at the time of their achievements.
The Creston Museum has jumped on board with their library of photos.

Anyone with pictures and stories we are  looking for more info or with team names, awards, trophies and certificates.

Please give a call to Signe Miller at  250-428-9584.

Look forward to seeing all contributions.

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New video illustrates how giving to the community gives back

TMTVNEWS.COM VANCOUVER BC, – Research shows that healthy starts in the early years lead to bright futures. This is something that credit unions in BC recognize and actively support.


Every year BC credit unions contribute 25 cents per member to the Success By 6 initiative, a unique partnership between United Ways of BC, Credit Unions of BC and the Ministry of Children and Family Development. This early childhood initiative is dedicated to providing all children in BC with a good start in life. In our region 56,353 Credit Union members have contributed $98,300 to date to the Success By 6 initiative.

To thank and recognize credit unions for their support, a video has been created. This informative and creative video will be officially launched on December 1, Canada’s Giving Tuesday.

The video provides an overview of the unique Success By 6 Provincial Partnership in British Columbia, highlights the co-operative work being accomplished in communities across the province, and recognizes credit unions and their members for their continued support of the initiative over the past 12 years.
Highlights from the video include:
 Research shows that healthy starts in the early years lead to bright futures
 Success By 6 supports families and young children by:
o Providing support and resources
o Strengthening the connection between children and their caregivers
o Building supportive communities
o Emphasizing the importance of individual culture and heritage in a child’s life
 Each year Success By 6 funds over 350 programs and services impacting close to 30,000 children across BC
 Every year BC credit unions contribute 25 cents per member, totaling $450,000 annually (which combines with funding from the Ministry of Children and Family Development and from local United Ways across the province)
 BC credit unions have contributed more than $3 million to Success By 6 so far. Credit unions also give time, resources and business expertise by supporting local community Early Years planning
“Credit unions across BC are happy to support this important initiative every year as one of the many ways they help their communities become strong and healthy,” said Kam Raman, Vice President, Member Relations and Trade Services, Central 1 Credit Union. “There are more than 1.9 million BC residents – one in three – who support this program as credit union members and help young children thrive.”

Success By 6 BC
Success By 6 in BC is a unique, joint initiative of United Ways, Credit Unions of BC, the BC Government through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), and Aboriginal and community leaders. The initiative is dedicated to ensuring that children ages 0 to 6 have access to resources and programs that support their healthy growth and development.

Success By 6 builds child- and family-friendly communities through engaging citizens and funding programs that focus on literacy, nutrition, children’s play, parenting, family skills development and more.

The Goals of Success By 6 in British Columbia are to:
 Build community capacity that will support an accessible, comprehensive range of Early Childhood Development (ECD) services for children (0-6 years) and their families.
 Mobilize and leverage resources towards an accessible, comprehensive range of ECD services for children (0-6 years) and their families.
 Raise awareness of the importance of the early years and increase public support for ECD as a community priority.


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Winter counterattack road checks begin across B.C.

Drunk drivers beware.

Counter Attack road checks began today, and will continue throughout the holiday season.

Despite the yearly warnings and the tough laws on the books in B.C., drunk drivers still kill more than 80 people every year.

A quarter of all car crash fatalities are directly related to impaired drivers. Justice Minister Suzanne Anton says the road checks first launched in 1977 have been effective reducing those numbers, but the they are still too high.


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Scottish climber recovering after grizzly bear attack in Rocky Mountains

GLOBAL BC, TORONTO — A Scottish man says he’s recovering after being attacked by a grizzly bear while climbing in the Rocky Mountains.


On his Facebook page, Greg Boswell says he’s “OK, just a little shook up and sore.”

Boswell, 24, says that after the attack, which left him with gashes in his lower leg, there was a three-hour descent from their camp, followed by a two-hour drive to hospital.

Boswell posted after being treated in hospital that he’s “all stitched up now and on the mend” following Monday night’s encounter with the bear.


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Special education enrolment penalty cuts $229K from Kootenay school district budget

CBC.CA – A B.C. school district is calling the provincial government’s rule on funding for special education enrolment too strict and harmful for students who need the extra support.

In the spring of 2015, the B.C. government slapped a $229,000 penalty on the Kootenay-Columbia school district after an external audit found the district enrolled children in special education classes who did not qualify.

This penalty is contributing to the $1.3 million the Kootenay-Columbia school district has had to cut from its $42 million budget. But the school district says the rules on who qualifies for special education are too “strict” and effectively freeze out children who need the extra support.