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Special Avalanche warning issued for parts of B.C.

Avalanche Canada is issuing a Special Public Avalanche Warning for recreational backcountry users from Friday December 11 to the end of the day Monday December 14.

TMTVNEWS.COM, NELSON BC CANADA – The warning applies to the central Columbia Mountains and encompasses portions of the following forecast regions—the Kootenay-Boundary, South Columbia, North Columbia and Cariboos. The area of concern is the mountainous terrain that lies north of a line roughly between Penticton, Nelson and Cranbrook, and south of a line between Williams Lake and Valemount. The west boundary is highway 97 between Penticton and Williams Lake; the east boundary is the Columbia and North Thompson rivers.


The main concern is low-elevation, open terrain such as cut-blocks, explains says Karl Klassen, Avalanche Canada’s Public Avalanche Warning Service Manager. “This situation is a bit unusual,” adds Klassen. “These areas below treeline are often considered as safe playgrounds. But with this current condition, we have had many reports of unexpected avalanches that are definitely large enough to cause injury or death.”

Avalanche Canada recommends avoiding steep slopes of any size between 1400 and 1800 metres elevation, including cut-blocks, cut-banks on roads, and open areas in mature timber. Due to recent storms and winds, higher elevations in many areas are also primed for avalanches and extra caution is advised for the weekend and early next week. For up-to-date information check the daily forecasts at www.avalanche.ca and Avalanche Canada’s Mountain Information Network.

Every person in a backcountry party needs to wear an avalanche transceiver in transmit mode and carry a probe and a shovel in their pack. Ensure all equipment is well maintained and in good working order. Avalanche training and practice in using rescue equipment is essential to ensure a fast and efficient response in case of an emergency.


Fog Advisory in effect for: East Kootenay – south including Cranbrook

Near zero visibility in fog is expected or occurring.

Dense fog near Cranbrook is expected to persist through tonight.

Visibility may be significantly and suddenly reduced to near zero. If travelling, be prepared for areas of near-zero visibility. If visibility is reduced while driving, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to pacificstorm@ec.gc.ca or tweet reports to #BCStorm.


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Two lost snowboarders rescued near Nelson

Two lost snowboarders and their dog were located and assessed to be fine but cold and tired


TMTV.net File photo

TMTVNEWS.COM (Nelson Search and Rescue release) On Dec 10th at 5:30 pm the RCMP Nelson detachment tasked Nelson SAR in the search for 2 lost snowboarders in the Humming Bird Pass area of Wh2o Road. The subjects were in limited cell range and able to alert RCMP to their situation. They had stated they had gone up the skin track to White Queen ridge but became lost on the return trip and felt they were somewhere on the west side of White Queen ridge. The fact that they had limited cell service made the location suspect.

12 members answered the callout and responded to the area, 2 teams of 4 searched the pass area to locate the tracks of the subjects.

Adverse conditions of heavy snow and wind hampered the search for tracks but after some deduction of the possible route of travel their tracks were found and followed into the 5 mile basin.
Teams followed a set of good tracks heading for Nelson in the 5 Mile drainage. At 2:34 am the two subjects and their dog were located and assessed to be fine but cold and tired. The decision was made to hike them out of the basin as there was limited ability to keep them warm or shelter due to conditions. The team took on the subject’s packs and assisted them to hike the 3 hours back to the road. The team arrived at the trailhead at 5:10 am.

The subjects were truly lost and heading into the lower reaches of the 5 mile drainage. They were equipped but not prepared for an extended trip into horrible terrain of that area. With lack of flying weather today and adverse conditions these subjects were in peril. The teams went the extra distance finding and assisting these boarders before they went further into the drainage. This could have become an extended search. The subjects were lucky these folks were willing to go out all night and travel the distance to find them.

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Cat with severed tail tossed ‘like trash’ at dump in Cranbrook

TMTVNEWS.COM, Cranbrook BC Canada – She was discarded at the dump, her legs tied together, bleeding from several wounds, not moving but alive.


Her tail had been severed and she was extremely dehydrated and emaciated. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan found the black cat, named Malala, and took her straight to the East Kootenay BC SPCA Branch, where she was immediately rushed to a veterinarian for emergency care.

“She was bleeding a lot from her tail, which had been cut off, and she had several open wounds on her feet, legs and head,” says BC SPCA East Kootenay Branch manager Brenna Baker. “It horrifies me to think that someone might do something like this to any animal, then leave her at the dump, suffering and in pain, tossed away like so much trash.”

The vet cleaned Malala’s wounds, performed surgery on her tail and gave her fluids. Now, she’s recovering in the warmth of the SPCA shelter, under the attention and care of staff and volunteers who hope to give her a chance at a better life in a loving, forever home.

“She is such a sweet pea and so full of love,” Baker says. “She’s got a long road to recovery, but we’re grateful to the man who spotted her at the Elko transfer station and wasted no time getting her to us.”

The cost of Malala’s medical care is expected to be nearly $1,200. A non-profit organization, the BC SPCA relies primarily on public donations to help British Columbia’s most vulnerable animals. If you can help Malala and other animals like her at the BC SPCA East Kootenay Branch, visit spca.bc.ca/medicalemergency or drop off donations in person at 3339 Highway 3 and 95, Cranbrook.

If anyone has any information on how Malala came to be at the Elko transfer station, they are encouraged to call the BC SPCA cruelty hotline, at 1-855-622-7722.